• Bananas
  • Short bamboo sticks (skewers)
  • Other fruit you enjoy like canned pineapple chunks, green or red grapes, mandarin oranges peeled, or kiwi. (The more colors the better.) Also a carton of your favorite fruit-flavored yogurt.
  1. Peel the banana and cut into chunky sizes.
  2. Push one onto the stick, then add a piece of fruit, then another piece of banana, then some more fruit. Keep going with the pattern until your stick is full. Open the yogurt.
  3. Dip the end piece of fruit in the yogurt and slide into your mouth. Push the next piece of fruit to the end of the stick, dip and repeat.

Fun Fact #1

Did you know you can split a banana into three equal parts? Yup! Peel half a banana. Slowly push your finger into the small end of the banana and watch it divide into thirds. Cool, huh! Share a banana stick with two other friends.

Food & Safety Warnings

Adult supervision in a responsible manner is required for children of all ages who make these recipes. There are dangers and risks inherent in such activities relating to preparing food, consuming food and working with tools and appliances. Be aware that there will be a variety of foods offered and check for allergies your child might have. Kitchen tools, including knives and other sharp objects may be used, as well as appliances like stoves, ovens or microwaves. Parents/guardians assume full responsibility and risk for their child’s participation in Going Bananas with Bruce.