Sherry Sayles Varkonyi

Speaker, Author and Creator of Bruce the Chimp

Helping you move more fully into your unique identity and destiny.

Bruce came to be when my son asked me to talk for his stuffed animal. Long after he moved out, Bruce remained and could be found chatting with other youngsters in my life.

He wouldn’t stay in the background, however, but began popping up at other gatherings or conversations, even with adults. It seemed he needed his own platform, so here we are. He much prefers to be called my “genius” than my “product.”

Bruce exists to help kids with some of the issues they face today. He does it with heart and humor, and by asking a lot of honest questions. He is a champion and friend for the different, the undervalued and the hurting.

For caring family members, teachers and counselors, he is a place to introduce a topic or build on it. He will by no means exhaust a subject, but will give you an opportunity for deeper conversations with the children in your lives.

Bruce the Chimp

Star of Tough Talks with Bruce

Journey from jungle to jokester.

That’s my Mom over there, but on my show, I do most of the talking!

I’m 5½ and was born in the jungle. Early on I came to live with my parents.

I’m probably shorter and furrier than you. Sometimes it’s hard being the only one like me around. But sometimes it makes me feel extra special.

I will eat just about anything (except brussel sprouts), but chocolate is one of my favorites. And bananas.

Well, hope we can become good friends ‘cause I have a great time with my buddies. See ya around!


“My 5-year old daughter had an instant soft-spot affection for Bruce. She relates to him, his love of banana bread, and his curious chatter. Her eyes light up with laughter as she listens intently to him talk and share about his day.”

“Bruce’s questions can be tough, but are handled with care and are appropriately approachable for kids.”

“These silly but powerful conversations provoke meaningful family sharing at our dinner table, in the car, and randomly when my child sees a picture of a chimpanzee that looks like our friend, Bruce.”